The Crew


Will JohnstonWill Johnston

Will began brewing beer in Colorado during undergrad to earn free beer and a few meals a day. After a few years he decided this was a passion and wanted to make a career out of this craft. Will moved to Chicago and attended both the worldly renowned Seibel Institute as well as the World Brewing Academy in Munich, Germany. Will has 13 years of brewing experience. Prior to joining the 4 hands team Will spent 5 years honing his craft at Goose Island Brewing Company located in Chicago Illinois. There he helped build Goose Island’s high end vintage beers including Matilda and Sofie.

Nick KantorNick Kanter

Nick Kanter-was born in South St. Louis before moving to Webster Groves. Upon graduating Webster Groves High School he attended University Wisconsin- Madison to study both Political Science and Biology. After 4 years Nick returned to St. Louis to procrastinate on attending grad school and decided to pursue life in the alcohol industry. Nick worked in an alcohol distributorship for five years selling wine, spirits, and most importantly craft beer. From here he decided to follow his passion and fully work in the craft beer world and join the 4 Hands Brewery family.

Stephen SalasSteve Salas

At the ripe age of three years, Steve left behind Valley Stream Long Island for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Like many that came before Steve, his love affair with LA was short lived. Once Steve graduated kindergarten, he left for the Midwest with not much more than my love of tacos and guacamole. Here in St. Louis, Steve’s journey into the world of craft beer began. For the past ten years, Stephen have been immersed in the craft beer industry. First, from behind the bar. At the beginning Steve not only learned the complexities of beer, but also helped others learn to appreciate the nuances of small batch brewed beer. Stephen’s passion lead him to the 4 Hands Family – Life truly is good!

Brewer MartinMartin Toft IV

Martin was born and raised right here in St. Louis. Although he grew up in the shadow of some brewing greats, for most of his life he had only thought of beer as something to be consumed and appreciated. One fateful day while attending college at Indiana University, that all changed. Martin was watching television and enjoying a fine craft beer, when a show came on about something he had never heard of before: homebrewing. By the end of the day, Martin had already ordered a set of brewing equipment and taken his first step down the road that would lead him to 4 Hands. After graduation, Martin began to pursue a career in brewing. He paid his dues as an intern at a couple of local breweries before heading off to further his brewing education at the Siebel institute in Chicago and the Doemens Academy in Munich. Upon his return, he found a home at 4 Hands Brewing Company, where he has been ever since.

Kevin LempKevin Lemp

Kevin’s passion for beer began in college. While attending Central Missouri State University Kevin had the opportunity to try Franziskaner Hefeweizen and New Belgium’s Fat Tire. From that moment on there was no looking back. Kevin’s career started at Glazers Midwest where he sold, marketed, and managed a very strong craft beer portfolio as well as the E&J Gallo Wine portfolio. This roll lasted 5 years and with it came a great deal of respect for what the craft beer community brought to their local environment. Next, Kevin went to work for the E&J Gallo Winery managing the portfolio in the state of Illinois. After the three years had passed Kevin went back to Glazer’s Midwest to manage the craft beer portfolio as well as E&J Gallo Wine portfolio for over half of the state of Missouri. At this time Kevin realized his passion was craft beer and his community. His dream was to open his own brewery with a focus on creative, handmade, local, craft beer. In the summer of 2011 Kevin left his corporate roots and opened 4 Hands Brewing Company.

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